Saturday, October 13, 2012

Videos to Teach Pre-literacy Skills

I am really trying to help my class figure out the letter sounds and the initial sounds of words. This is an important pre-reading and pre-writing skill that I try to work on in a variety of fun ways.  I have found some YouTube videos to help with that and thought I would share

The letters and initial sound:

 I also downloaded the YouTube to MP3 Converter (just type in YouTube to Mp3 in google).  Now this plays in the background while they play and learn!

Letter name, formation AND exercise!

This is only a sample.  To get the full version you need to purchase, but I think the video would be totally worth it.  It is available on his site.


My students thought this was absolutely hilarious, but if they are laughing they are enjoying it!

More to come as I find them!

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