Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apple Unit

We started the week with The Biggest Apple Ever.  
We then colored our apples red, cut them out ourselves, and sorted them by size: small, middle, big.

We read: Apple Countdown.
We then made apple cores by cutting out 2 half circles drawn by teacher on a paper plate.  The students then recycled their own extra pieces.  They came back, wrote their name on the back and then made the "bumpy parts of the plate" red with red bingo dotters.  They then picked a leaf with out seeing the number.  Once they chose their leaf, they flipped it over and I stapled it to their core.  They then had to bingo dot that many seeds into their core.  

We read: I am an Apple.  We talked about the life cycle of a tree.  
To reinforce this we did Apple tree Yoga.  
In a tiny seed 
Rain and sun need to go on their backs before they can grow!
Wiggle and grow into a tall tree
5 petals on our blossoms
Petals fall off one by one (count to five 2 times)
When all the petals fall off, you have tiny apples.

and they grow bigger, and bigger....

Huge Apples! 
The apples plop off the tree: plop, plop
The apples break apart and the seeds come out.

We also labeled an apple:

We then cut an apple in half to see the star.  We then stamped with them, counted our stamped apples, and then counted the points on our stars.  

We watched these videos:

Finally: We used our 5 senses and Looked at, Smelled, Listened to, Felt, and tasted some golden delicious apples.  

Listen to (shake)


And then documented our results:

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