Isn't this aDOORable?

I saw this on pinterest and I knew I NEEDED to do this!   I am still going to add "straw" but its perfect for a Friday afternoon!  My door is open almost all day so I wanted it to be cute with the door open, but the hat went on the head outside.  So Hats off to this aDOORable compromise!  
Door open
Door closed

Winter Holiday
I saw this on pinterest and I knew I NEEDED to do this!  I started by covering the door with brown paper.  We have to have 60% of our window open according to our VIRTUS (sexual abuse prevention) training.  I cut some small strips to make a pane for the window.  I then printed and colored 5 mint candies and 6 candy canes.  I laminated these so they can be used every year.  I then cut "gumdrops" out of simple printing paper.  I had each student paint a gumdrop and then sprinkle it with sugar sprinkles (glitter).  They love it and so does everyone visiting our school!

Door Open
Door Closed

I first started with black paper.  I put one pice horizontally first.  I then put the pieces vertically (they were large pieces so two pieces vertical would touch in the middle.)  I taped the black paper on the door around the borders, but not to each other in the middle.  I  curved the top piece to make it look like a head.  I then cut the middle of the door out for the white belly.  Again, my door needs to have a majority of the window viewable  so safety reasons so the white belly will be mostly the window.  Where door was exposed, I placed white printer paper.  I then made a beak by folding orange paper in half and cutting a triangle out.  Then I taped the bottom of the triangle beak to the face.  I made two white eyes out of the printer paper and pupils with extra black paper.  I then cut two feet from the same orange paper.  I folded the top of the foot over and taped them to the door so the feet can "waddle" when the door opens and closes.  I did the same thing to both sides of the door so it looks the same both opened and closed.  

St. Patrick's Day/Spring

End of Year 

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