Friday, July 3, 2015

Summer Mail

Every Year I send home a Summer Mail packet to the parents. This packet allows me to introduce myself and get information from them as well.

To view my packet, click HERE

The pack includes a letter from me

Our school supply list.  We do community materials so nothing has names on it.  I change the supplies up each year to meet the needs of our classroom.  We make an alphabet book each year as a gift to the parents so that is why they bring page protectors.
A student information form that allows me to get information from the parents to help me teach their child the best I can, gain information to understand their background, as well as not do anything that infringes on any of their personal beliefs.  (This came about after I did Elf on the Shelf with a class and it went against the beliefs of one family.  Now I check this before doing any events like that)

I send home this volunteer form that allows families to say how they can help and make sure all their background check information is also covered.

Finally, I also include a healthy snack list that gives parents ideas of snacks that fit into our healthy snack policy.  

I hope you find this packet helpful.  It is available in editable form on TpT Now!  Click HERE

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