Sunday, July 14, 2013

Apple a Day-Classroom Organization

I am linking up with The Applicious Teacher, and showing off my classroom organization.  I am pretty proud of my room and feel it is pretty accessible and organized.

I have a page dedicated to my classroom.  Click here to visit.

I have Labeled my whole room for the students and for myself.
My art supply closet is all of the supplies students bring in and a few supplies I use regularly.  In this photo, they are labeled with a run of the mill label maker.  Since this photo,  have gotten into my classroom (we have summer access, YAY!) and made some ADORABLE chevron labels for everything to help it match.  I have also organized it more. I didn't take a picture the day I did it because there was no air, I'd been there a while, and they have begun waxing the floor.  I will post updated photos when the waxing is done and I am not using my closet to store all the things to get them off the floor.

These are all of my thematic books I use for read alouds and putting on my seasonal shelf in my classroom library.  Each one is labeled with the theme and they are in chronological order in which I teach them.  The top boxes are huge poster board boxes that hold posters and decorations for each of the seasons.
I label these drawers for all of MY materials.  The chevron drawers are for each of the days of that weeks materials  These drawers are deep enough to put paint bottles, copies, and other supplies.  The drawers on the right are for the many forms that come in as well as my "to do" drawers.

I have a birthday/calendar binder.  The numbers correspond with the month.  In each number I have 2 page protectors.  The first page protector holds all the birthday cards and badges pre-made.  That way, during that month I pull them out and give to the student and they are ready to go!  The second page protector holds the month label that goes on the calendar and then the calendar numbers for that month. It makes a new month in the classroom very organized!

My students (at age 4/5) are notorious for not quite knowing how to line up, fighting over who was there first, budding, and fighting in line.  My solution was to put all the classroom jobs on the floor with contact paper (all students have a job in my room according to Conscious Discipline) and they stand on their job in line.  No discussion of where, doesn't matter who was there first, etc.  I love it.

Class materials are all labeled with an image and a word label.  This way students can put toys away on their own as well as build literacy and work on reading these words.

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