Friday, August 9, 2013

Five for Friday& Giveaway!

Five for Friday Time with Doodle Bugs Teaching

5. I will be joining Matt at Digital: Divide and Conquer on Saturday for hisSECRETS of the iPADS- It will be a compilation of "lessons, tips, tricks, nuggets, and whatever else you might have to share that relate to iPads in class (and personal life)"  I have been prepping for this this today.

So happy I kissed him
4. Last Saturday, I got the opportunity to go to the Packer Family Night.  A good friend of mine won 4 tickets on a local radio show (top 9 at 9) and decided to make it a girls night! 

 THEN to top it all off, her husband works for the news station that was airing the game so we got to go on the field!  I was in Heaven!
My friends caught the true
emotion on my face!

Laying by the G -my monogram ;) 

3. My 4K classroom is almost done! Due to recent storms in our area, I had a lot of time at school.  Check out my room by clicking HERE.

2. The storm damage to my house is cleaned up.  Read about the storm Here.  Yay for getting back on our feet!

1. We are heading up to the cottage for our families week on Sunday. Every year, each family member gets Grandpa's cottage to themselves for a week and our time is finally here! Taking  a break from technology, school, and home life in general for a whole week!  See everyone when I return on the 17th!

A fellow midwestern blogger, Polka-Dot-Kinders is celebrating 400+ Bloglovin followers!!  To celebrate, she is having an amazing giveaway!  I have my Common Core + Next Generation Science Standard Report Cards (your choice of grade) in her third pack, but there are some other AWESOME bloggers and products in the giveaways!  Check it out!
Click on the image to go to the giveaway blog post!
Good Luck!

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