Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How I am doing 2 Rooms-How it can help you get organized too!

I am teaching 2 grades this coming year, 4K and the afternoon portion of a full-day kindergarten program.  Needless to say, with 2 rooms, 2 sets of curriculum, 2 sets of standards, and 2 sets of kids I will NEED to be organized.
4k-All Subjects
K-Math, Science, Social Studies, Art

I will be based out of my 4k Room (last year's room).  I will have two of these carts, one for each room.  The purple one is the 4k drawer and it will sit stationary in the room.  The green cart is on wheels.  I will organized and plan in my 4k room and push my 5K cart with me into that room with my materials.


I will use my assessment binder that I have refined over the past year for my 4k curriculum.  I will observe them or in the formal assessment at the end of each quarter.
make a tab for each student and continue to check off the assessments as I

5K assessment will consist of an assessment binder with a tab for each student.  In this binder there will be my Common Core checklist as well as the Next Generation Science Standards.  (available k-5) as well as other standards checklist that I will check off as I go.

I will set up my weekly (or couple week) themes as usual for 4K.  The Literacy teacher has three week book themes that she tends to follow and then I can mix my 4k.  I use my google calendar to create events and then Color code according to grade it is for.  I embed this on our class blog/website.

click on the image to go to the site.

In the 4k room, I have the thematic bins and book boxes in my closet:

In the 5k room, I have the thematic Binders split into seasons:

I hope that these systems put in place at this point (before school starts) will help me run efficiently, and I hope that it helps you get organized and get going as well!  Good Luck!

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