Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dr. Seuss

We started with watching a full episode of the The Cat and the Hat!  I found this GREAT site where you can watch Dr. Seuss movies!  It was a great way to let them hear the rhyming and have fun with the text in a different way.  

I started with a paper plate.  I drew a circle
around the flat part of the plate.  I then
squared off the center (so there are 2 small
semi-circles on the sides.  I wrote the
line for the initial sounds and the ending
"at" sound. on all four sections of the hat.

I then cut the half circles off and around
the top curve of the plate.  
Students then needed to follow multi-step
directions and color an AB patter of red
and white on the sections of the hat.  Together, we started
with the word "cat."  We sounded out the initial sound.
We then came up with some rhyming words and sounded
out their initial sounds.  
Students then wore their hats as
they played in their centers that day!
My PM class apparently had a bug go through,
four were absent!  But look at these cuties in their hats!
We read the book: Ten Apples up on Top to practice the book, reading, and counting. I liked reading this book to the class because it is one that has pretty simple text that the students can figure out by looking at the pictures.  It was nice to hear them trying to read the book in the reading center.

We then read the book: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  This book was silly and fun.  I would stop every few pages and ask the students if they heard any rhyming words.  By the end of the book, they were raising their hand to tell me a rhyme every page!

I found a game on a blog for rolling fish and putting in the bowl.  It was supposed to be a board game.  I do not take credit for any of the grahics or the work put into creating the  Dr. Seuss 1 Fish 2 Fish Game.  Please click on the link to visit the original site for the game and to see her other many great ideas!  I  made a copy for each student.  I printed the fish in black and white.  Students rolled a number dice, and a fish dice.  Students took that many fish, colored it the color on the die, and glued that many in their bowl.   They did this a second time.  I then made a number sentence strip for the to fill out.  They write the first number in the color they colored that fish.  They do the same for the second.  This equals the number in the whole bowl.  I used the mathamatical language to help them begin to understand addition and an equals.  They did really great with this!

On Monday I plan on reading Green Eggs and Ham.

Students will work on a Green Eggs and Ham worksheet.  I, again, take not credit for the graphics or work put into this.  Please check the original source for more of their hard work.  I modified this project to fit my needs.  I printed 2 plates to one page.  I then covered up the numbers on the page.  I had students roll a dice and put that many eggs on their plate.  They did it a second time for their second plate. Students then circled more for the plate that has more and less for the one that has less.

When signing in to the computer on Tuesday, I am teaching the students to type: I am ________.  It plays off the "I am Sam" from the book, but also teaches the space bar and shift key on the computer.  I have a little table tent I made from card stock where I just wrote, "I am ______."  They can use the card as a reference when typing and then I will be there to support the space and shift keys.  Students did well with their last names and the backspace (some found this necessary with accidental letters or to many), so I thought it was time to take it up a notch. Students are doing great with technology integration and letter recognition!  I will update with how it went!

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