Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sub Binder

Below, you see the table of contents of my Sub Binder. I have compiled this binder after reading many, many blogs.  Yes, it is bits and pieces of many people's great work, but modified to work best for me.  If you would want my templates, I can either pass where I got the information or send you the one I have made.  I love to share, so please ask!
Here is the document.  Again, let me know if you want/need changes!

Border from:  

Each number has it's own tab (so you will need to start with an 8 tab set).

Basic info includes:
* General thank you letter to the sub
* School Hours (my AM and PM Class times + lunch)
* Computer log in info
* Attendance policies for our school (log in to do electronic one)
*What teachers can help, where they are located.

* Times of arrival/dismissal
* Procedures for dismissal
* Transportation list (who comes by what transportation, who leaves by what transportation)
* Where each form of transportation meets/lines up for dismissal

Classroom Management:
* What programs we use
* Basics of the programs
* Some students who have special methods that help the day go more successfully.

Schedule-Daily Procedures:
* I go from every activity (how to and time) to every transition of the whole day.  Literally: song lyrics, class jobs, and who does what.  You read you got it.

Rosters/Student Info:
* Class List
* Any students with special needs, info is here.
* List of any medical conditions (and what to do) as well as the location of the first aid.

Emergency Procedures:
*list of exits
*list of materials needed
*procedures for a variety of emergency situations

Lesson Plans, Fillers:
*My lesson plans are electronic.  I have a log in info sheet.
* I have a copy of all lesson plans printed.  I binder clip the old ones together, the newest one being on top.
*I also have a few activities to keep kids busy if something is missing in the plans or no plans were there.

While you were Out:
* A form for the sub to fill out letting me know how the day went and any information they need to pass on.

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