Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Teacher Binder

My Room may not always be organized, but binders are what I do!  I love binders.

I have a sub binder I leave at school.  See Post.

I take my teaching binder with me every day, every where I go.  It goes to and from school with me, to all staff meetings, and to all professional development.

I have my binder separated into tabs.  I have 9 tabs in my binder (they were recycled...I think orginally I bought a 12 tab set.  Unless you are in the unique situation I am (teaching both public and private school and first year teaching), and 8 tab set should be fine.

border from:

The first thing in my binder is my weekly/monthly to do list.  This list is all the things that need to be done EVERY WEEK.  I typed them out, added a border I loved, and then laminated it.  I use a dry erase marker as I do it.  If I don't have it all done on Friday, I have to do it at home over the weekend.

Student Data: In this section I put their contact information, conference notes, report cards/progress reports and any assessments done (special ed).  If they had an IEP, they would also go in this section.

Hortonville: This is my school district.  All of my staff meetings with my 4K team for the public school minutes/notes go in here.

Diocese/Religion Certification: To work in the Catholic school, I need to take 5 classes in 5 years covering various religious topics.  The information goes in here.

Calendar: My printed calendar, public school calendar (the one I follow) and the Catholic School calendar (so I know when we are the only ones in the school and when we are all there).

Lesson Plans: Log in information to my lesson plans (same as sub binder) is here.  I also keep my Year at a glance/weekly theme and letter of the week chart here.

WMELS: Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards.  I have a short cut version (just the actual standards no explanations) for when I write lesson plans.  I also have the info they have paralleling the WMELS to the Common Core of Kindergarten.

Behavior/Special Needs: Any data I get or want to read to meet the needs of students with exceptionalities, I put it in here.  I also put some of the social stories I find on here (to copy later).

St. Edward: This is my school staff meeting information.  My school is also going through an accredidation process.  The standards I am working on meeting is also in this section.

This binder keeps me so organized and helps me have everything I need with me most of the time. This helps have information, paperwork, and data at my disposal at all times.

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