Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lesson Planning Tool I LOVE

My usual Sunday routine consists of searching pinterest for teaching ideas as well as just sit and relax a little in the morning.  In the afternoon I usually take the pins that are relevant to that week and work them into my lessons and print and sort and file and so on and so forth.

Today, I found this Lesson Planning tool.  I LOVE IT!  I had to share.

When you create it it, it first asks you your information.  It is a free 30 day trial and then only $12  a year after that.  If you go to the pricing section it mentions something about it you get more than 1 teacher from your school to do it it benefits you price wise.  I would suggest making sure everyone in your school types the same information.

When you start it asks you for your class.  Just name the first subject you have for the day.  Once it is started you use the "GO TO" tab on the right.  You go to classes first to add the rest of your classes and times  in a day.  You can also include specials in that area because it will put your whole schedule in a table then.

I then went to the "GO TO" section again and choose templates.  Things I do daily in say my "morning circle 'class'" like greeting, pledge, yoga, etc.  I do this for each subject.

I have academic centers in my play based learning classroom.  That being said, regardless of the material I put in my centers, the usually meet similar standards.  I put these in my template as well.

If you go to "GO TO" and choose Display, you can choose what shows up on plans.  This allows you to have a standards section, homework,  etc.  You can change the "section 4, section 5, and section 6" into anything so depending on what your school requires you to have as part of your lesson plans you can customize.  This could be assessment, materials, etc.

That is the toughest part.  Once the above mentioned is all done, you can then "GO TO" Plans.  you then just click on the day and subject/class you are planning for and start typing!  So nice!

You can "GO TO" Share options.  Type in a code easy.  This way your principal, co-workers, etc can see if you choose to let them.  When you go to the log in they just need your email and that code to view.

Here is my viewing information so you are able to see some of my personalization.
My email:
My viewing Code: gloudemansplans

Their tutorials for more info.

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