Sunday, September 16, 2012

Assessment Tool

Using Dr. Kirst's suggested assessment tool to jot notes. With 31 4k kids and all informal, natural assessment on a play based program, I am already finding this to be an easy tool to write quick notes for report cards. Thanks Dr. Kirst!

You can make on for each subject area, class, standard or however you want to break down information.

To make this you take 1/2 as many papers as you have students (when you fold the number doubles) + 1 for a title tab and confidentiality to cover first students info. I used legal sized paper because I knew I had a lot of students. Lay the papers on a table making each top page a little further down...big enough to write the name on a tab. When they are all layered, fold the bottom towards the top so you see all the tabs. Crease and staple. Super easy!

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