Friday, July 11, 2014

An Update and Summer Plans

It has been a very long time since my last post.  I took a year from the blogging and from the hustle and bustle of creating products and traded it for a year of high quality time with my husband and fur babies.  In that time, we were also trying to start a family.  We always used to joke that we would not try for a baby from September-January because that would make a beginning of the school year just to hard.

 Well, after months and months of trying it came to November and low and behold: I am due August 21...the day teachers are to report for the 2014-2015 school year.  We are ecstatic about becoming parents, but as we used to joke, it is not very convenient for a teacher.

Knowing I was going to be gone for the start of the next school year next year, I began prepping at the end of the year.  I knew putting all my stuff in strategic areas and being very organized about cleaning up at the end of the year would help me set up quickly and efficiently in July so when my little one is born, I can take the time off to be with him.

We had our first hurdle on graduation day.  I started my third trimester the last week of school.  I went for my usual 10 minute appointment 2 hours before graduation started, only to find out I was having contractions (that I wasn't feeling, but were there none the less) 3-5 minutes apart.  They sent me to the hospital for an overnight stay...right through graduation.  I then had to miss the next day-the all school field trip- due to my hospital stay.  I was told to stay home from the last day of school as well (pack up day) due to my contractions and modified bed rest.  I decided to go in for an hour to at least say goodbye.  On my way there, I got in a minor car accident, but by the time the report was filled out and I got to school, I had 15 minutes to say goodbye.

Well, the year did not end as I intended, but baby and I are doing well. This summer, while I am sitting on my butt on my modified bed rest, I am NOW prepping for my sub for the school year.  So, through out the remainder of the summer, I will be writing how I am prepping for my sub.  Also, as I write out the procedures for the variety of things I do in my room, I will also be explaining those processes here as well.
Topics to be covered:
My (long-term) Sub Binder

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