Friday, July 18, 2014

Large & Small Group Time

As stated in my original post, I am going to be starting my school year on maternity leave.  I am spending my summer prepping for the sub, making my sub binder, and breaking down all of my procedures in my room in a series of blog posts.

This post is about large and small group time in a 4k classroom.

I run my small group and my large group simultaneously.  Students get a small clothespin/clip with their name on it to indicate which large group center they are in.
Once students have their clips, they are free to choose a center, but number of students in the centers must match the little people outside the center. 

Students must stay in the center they chose until the timer rings.

Teacher set timer (in bookmark bar) for 15 mins when students start going to centers.

When a student is called out for small group, they must come do their work at the tables quickly.

Small group activities can be found on the lesson plan and materials in the day of the week drawer.
It helps to write the name of all students on their back of papers even if they will e writing it to know who to call when.

When small group projects are done, they can go on the drying rack (blue by art center) or they can go in high five basket on teacher desk.

When the timer rings, the students begin cleaning up.  Students sit with their clip when they are clean.

Center inspector will check they are all clean AND READY.  If they are ready they will either 1. give a thumbs up to the teacher to restart clock or 2. hit space bar 2 times and restart the clock for the teacher. 

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