Thursday, July 24, 2014

Classroom Jobs for All!

As stated in my original post, I am going to be starting my school year on maternity leave.  I am spending my summer prepping for the sub, making my sub binder, and breaking down all of my procedures in my room in a series of blog posts.

This post is about classroom jobs.

We use conscious discipline.  The thought is, if all students have a job and they are all part of the classroom team, they will be intrinsically motivated to help the team succeed.

My class maxes out at 20 students due to the amount of room available.  This means I need 20 classroom jobs.

Classroom jobs include:
Teacher helper- Calendar, Weather spinner, sub for any absent students: calls names on clips to dismiss from carpet time.
Pledge Helper-Comes to the front and ‘shows what to do” as they lead the pledge.
Weather watcher-goes to the window and reports out
Clip/Carpet Dismisser
Center Inspector: makes sure centers are clean before students can go to a new one.  Changes the timer on the clock by hitting space bar 2 times.
Line Leader
Caboose (last student in line)
Door Holder (in front) holds the doors when going through for class
Door Shutter (in back) closes the door when you leave the room
Light Switcher- turns off the lights.
Office Helper-takes blue folder to the office
Snack Helper (2) Bring snack in and set tables.
Floor Checker-make sure the floor is clean before leaving
Chair Pusher- checks friends pushed in their chairs when coming to circle time
Table Washer-cleans the table with a disinfectant wipe before snack, end of center time.
High Five basket Checker-make sure papers in the basket are in nicely and have names
Drink counter-,make sure students only get a drink for 1 banana 2 banana 3 banana done
Bathroom Checker-make sure all the paper towels are cleaned up, floor dry, toilets flushed.

Carpet Captain-reminds students to do their 5

I have also learned that lining up in an early childhood classroom.  If they
shouldn't stand by someone, they are drawn together like magnets. 
 Everyone always needs to be first, there is pushing, they are to close, there is
chaos.  I came up with the idea to post the students' jobs (the exact same pictures)
from the job chart on the floor.  They stand on their weekly job when lining up. 
They are evenly spaced out so they have room, they are going in the right
direction, students have no say in who is by them, and all
 is well with the world.

You can purchase my jobs by clicking {HERE}

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