Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pre-K Packs

I have recently discovered "Over the Big Moon."  It is an AMAZING blog.  They have these printable Pre-K packs that I am IN LOVE with.  I used them with my students and they are also in love.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate, Over the Big Moon.  Please visit their blog!

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I have used these packs for our table top time (size order, sorting, cutting practice, writing practice). 
 The students know the procedure to line up on the orange x's on our classroom floor starting at my desk, get their work and supplies, do the activity, turn in the activity in "the high five basket" (Target dollar spot purchase: a paper box with hand prints on it) and supplies in the same bins I pulled them from, and then go find a quiet place to play.  
The procedure is a great way to teach routine, multi-step directions, as well as the actual skills of the project.  Once student turn in their work, I collect it.  For cutting and writing practice I simply take a look at and see that they are practicing theses skills.  
For some things such as the sorting, size order, etc. I open a spread sheet note how they did with something as simple as :),  :\,  :( for their understanding so I can see if it is something we still need to work on or soemthing we have mastered. This way, I know what they need more teaching on or something they have mastered.  I can then use this in my report card writing as well.

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