Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pumpkins & Halloween

On Monday we did a haunted house math activity.  Students cut out the ghosts (it helps if you tell them to cut the whole border first then cut them apart).  They then count the dots in the windows and put the corresponding ghost on the window.

We watched how pumpkins grow with 2 videos:

We then practiced the life cycle of a pumpkin yoga to the above video.

Vines grow longer and longer and longer
Blossoms Bloom, they are yellow
Little pumpkins start
Big Pumpkins grow on the vine

On Halloween we did a variety of activities, the children able to choose where they wanted to go.  If they did not choose to go there or take time to go there, that was their choice, but then that was the only thing they were going to do.  Choices were:

Halloween Safety Book

Decorate a Pumpkin

Decorate a Cookie

Halloween Bingo

Reading Halloween/Fall Books

We also watched this Shapes/Halloween Video

Finally, students said what they were going to be for Halloween and we worked together as a class to write some of the sound we heard.

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