Sunday, November 25, 2012

Where Animals go in the Winter

We had a field trip planned to Mosquito Hill (New London, WI) in which we were going to be discussing what animals do in the winter.  We did this very theme in our room.

 Monday we made a Know, want to know, learned sheet.  It was cool to see how much the students knew!  They had some really good questions as well.  

Tuesday was our trip to Mosquito Hill.  We had a lot of fun. Pictures are posted on the class website. (cannot publish this link due to some students parents not consenting to the publication of their child's picture outside of our class site)

Wednesday, we finished filling out the KWL chart with the information we learned on the trip and looked to see if it answered our questions.  

We also made a goose that is going to fly in our class in V formation!  It was fun to stuff the paper bag and cut out the pieces and assemble it all.  

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