Thursday, November 29, 2012


We started the week with a definition of Transportation: Things that go and take you from one place to another.

We then made a list of types of transportation.

The next day, we read the book: The Big Book of Things that Go.  This gave us even more ideas to put on our list.  We then added to our list.

The next day we Sorted the list into Land (green marker with grass lines), Water (dark blue waves), and Air (light blue clouds).  

The students also did a sort as their morning table time from  It was called the "land air sea sort."

Students also wrote their names with cars. I wrote their names in large yellow letters (to be the yellow lines on the road) and they had to drive their cars on the yellow lines.  When I was writing the letters I made sure to describe the ways in which I was making/forming the letters so they could work on correct letter formation.  

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