Sunday, November 25, 2012


Monday we made turkeys that students matched the number on the feathers to the dots on the turkey.  To make this project, I found a turkey body template online.  I printed the template and put dots in the same formation in which a student would find them on a dice randomly around the turkey.  I then cut strips of paper that looked to be the "logical size" of a feather on this size turkey. They ended up being approx. 1"x 6.5".  I then put them in a pattern and wrote the numbers on the feathers corresponding with the turkey's numbers (it would then result in a pattern when the students did it correctly.  A way to self check as well as to make my check quick).  9, 1, 5, 3, 7, 8, 4, 6, 2, 10.  I memorized the pattern by the time I was done making 30 turkeys worth of feathers.  Students were given the turkey, and their pack of feathers and told to match the number with the dots.    If they needed help I did scaffold them to the process to help give them exposure to the number recognition, but also noted the students that did need more help than others.  Also, I found that some students found it easier to count with a pencil in hand to point to the small dots on their own.  We called this their counter tool. When some had their counter tool, I saw their efficiency and correct numbers increase.  

Tuesday we made a Thankerchief--a game of passing around a "thankerchief" and taking turns saying what we are thankful for.  This activity taught us things we are thankful for, worked on our speaking skills, following multi-step directions, and fine motor skills when decorating our "thankerchief." Students were given a white piece of fabric (we had a white sheet in our art closet my principal gave me permission to cut up.  I have also see the activity done where students can all bring in their own white piece of fabric.  We then decorated them however they thought was beautiful with the bingo dotters.  They then colored the poem.  I then applied the poem to a toilet paper tube wrapping the while thing in packing tape.  (I thought it would help with the grease and helping it last longer).  We practiced the game in school so students knew how and so they could take it home and teach their families with my Thankerchief I had made.  When all were dry, I put together and sent home with them.    

For the Thankerchief poem printable click here.

Wednesday, the morning class played Thanksgiving BINGO in our small group time.  We learned a variety of Thanksgiving vocabulary words as well as worked on our listening skills.  

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