Friday, April 5, 2013

5 for Friday

1. Monday we returned from spring break (my class--the public school program) the Catholic school did not have school following Easter.  We got to be alone in the school.  The kids thought it was cool...though they were very confused why....and I had a hard time explaining it to them, but since they are 4 no big explanation was needed--thank goodness.

2. We had baby goats visit for pet week!  One of my students lives on a farm and her goat had twins 3
weeks ago. They were so cute!

3. We found out we were short on hours based on DPI's standards.  We normally have school Mon-Thurs for 3 hours (the teacher gets NO prep time during the day) and then Friday is their day of prep time.  Well since we are short on hours because we had snow days and 2 hour delays (and apparently we didn't have any scheduled in) we have to make up time.  Today, I found out I have to make both my AM and my PM class longer by 5 minutes every day and we have to teach full days (both AM and PM) for three Fridays (again with no prep time) on those May.  Oh, boy this should be interesting!

4. It hit 50* yesterday.....and we are expecting snow tonight

5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new shelf and small group set up!  Cant wait to have a projector too so it can be a two for one special!


  1. Yikes! One year we had to have school on a SATURDAY because of snow days. It was horrible. I hope you can find some great ways to fill your extra time that won't require a lot of prep time, I know how important that time is!

    My KinderGarden

  2. We had so many snow days this year that we have to go 3 extra days. Our last day was supposed to be a half day but they have decided to make it a full day now. :(
    Diving Into 2nd Grade