Sunday, April 7, 2013


Hello my blogging friends and followers,

I am on my third year of teaching, my first year in a school system in Wisconsin.  To keep your Wisconsin license, a teacher must write a Professional Development Plan (PDP). This is a goal the teacher is going to meet in the 5 year license time, how they are going to meet that goal, and reflection if they did, indeed, meet that goal.  That being said, this is where I need your help!

My goals is to learn more about early childhood literacy and then implement said strategies in my classroom so students will be in the correct developmental stage on the PALS literacy assessment.

One of the ways in which I plan on meeting this goal is reaching out to the blogging community and getting resources in which they use in early childhood literacy.  THAT MEANS YOU!

Please comment to this blog with your blog posts if you have written them on this topic, links you use, books you have read, ANYTHING!

For those who help, I may be able to work out a reward system with my TpT store, maybe pick an
item, get $1.00 off, or something like that.  Also add that in your comments, what do you want as reimbursement?

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