Saturday, April 6, 2013


We started the book reading: The Perfect Pet.  It taught is a variety of pets you could have.  We then made a list of all the animals they could have as pets.  We also went into a discussion on all it takes to take care of animals such as cleaning their cages, litter boxes, and the back yard.

We did the animal leg sort and alphabet match from my Pet Pack.  Students did
really well with leg sort.  Some students simply counted the legs they could see (though I tried really hard to make it so you could see each leg), and others used their deeper thinking and knew how many legs many animals had.  They did very well though!

The alphabet sort went well. Even the kids who did not know on their own, did use the tools in the room to match (alphabet on the wall in the room, word wall).  Problem solving skills are good in 4k too!

I re-did our dramatic play area to be an animal shelter and vet office.

Add caption
Waiting room and sign in sheet.
Also a phone for the secretaries
to answer and magazines to read
while you are waiting.

I LOVE seeing the students using the center the correct way!

 We live in a rural community in which many of the students come from farm families.  Since we are discussing pets, many students see the farm animals as pets.  One of our students has a small goat farm so she brought in her twin baby goats (3 weeks new!) for us to see!

Sensory Table was shredded paper I found in my parents' basement over spring break.  I told them it was like pet paper and they need to dig in it like hamsters to find the letters (capital and lowercase) to either sort by capitals and lower case or to match the letters to each other.

I used littlest pet shop in the blocks area.  They are building cages and
saving animals.

Students also made the spring blossoms for our seasonal tree.  I am
taking the snowflakes down ASAP!  I think they are jinxing us!

The second week of pets we did another page from the Pet Pack--the dog food addition.  Students had fun with this activity!

We did our Pet Emergent Reader (freebie!). Students really enjoyed coloring the pictures and working with the animals!

We have finished our Letters of the week.  Please see the letters of the week tab for details!  Though I thought the students would enjoy watching the videos of the letters while doing their handwriting sheets, I never guessed they would love it so much! They loved it so much I got a great idea!  Since they love to watch the videos over and over, what better way to practice handwriting (how they exit carpet when their name is called) than give them the choice to write from memory or push space bar (play) and doing WITH the video!  They loved it and letters looked great! Check out my Letter of the Week Page!

We are going to start on writing the numbers next!

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