Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Technology Tuesday-Using Pinterest

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Technology Tuesday for this week is using Pinterest to best help your teaching.  This post is for those who have access to Pinterest and/or use some sort of online lesson planning tools.

To keep myself most organized, I break down my pinterest boards by ways I would use them, look for information.  The further one can break down and organized the boards, the better you can find what you are looking for.

If you have never used pinterest before, it is pretty easy.  Create an account by going to pinterest.com and clicking on create a link:
You will want to edit boards now.  In the upper right hand corner, you will click on your name and select boards from the drop down menu.

In the left hand corner, there is a create boards image.
When you click on this image it will allow you to create the name about your board:
You will want to name it something relevant.  You may want to describe the board, it may be self explanatory.  I would also choose the category of education to help connect others to pins who may be searching.  I want mine to be public so I did not pick secret.  Save Changes.   
I was originally going to make a separate Pinterest account for my teaching, but I have so much pinned already, it would be A LOT of work to re-pin all of them.

Here are topics I use:
Teaching Ideas: general ideas that don't fit anywhere else, teaching discounts, basic info for teachers.
Behind the Scenes: My blog, TpT items I pin to generate traffic
Teaching Doors/Boards: classroom door and bulletin boards ideas
Teacher organization: room set up, classroom management, decor
Teaching ABCs: pins that help teach the letters--their sounds, formation, and recognition activities
Teaching Videos Literacy: Videos about letters--their sounds, formation, and recognition
Teaching Reading Activities: book printables, online books, etc.
Teaching Writing: Activities that promote writing in an early childhood classroom
Teaching Math: Numbers (counting, recognition, etc), shapes, and other math principals
Teaching Science/Sensory Table: experiments, and fun ways to introduce the area of discover to kids
Teaching Behavior/Special Needs: Story boards, behavior programs, etc to help run a classroom and teach all learners.
Teaching Technology: Apps, websites, things that help incorporate technology in the classroom
Teaching Videos:  Random videos that would be beneficial to the room, fill time that don't fit specific topics
Teaching Fall: Fall/Autumn, apples, Fire safety, Halloween, pumpkins, Thanksgiving
Teaching Videos Fall: Fall/Autumn, apples, Fire safety, Halloween, pumpkins, Thanksgiving
Teaching Winter: Holidays, Winter, Snow
Teaching January: Polar Animals, Community Helpers/Transportation
Teaching February: Groundhogs Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day
Teaching March: St. Patrick's Day, Early Spring, rainbows
Teaching Spring: Spring, hatching, plants, flowers, life cycles
Teaching Video Spring: Spring, hatching, plants, flowers, life cycles
Teaching Videos Brain Break: Exercise, indoor recess, funny videos
Teaching Older Kids:  I teach 4k, but that doesn't mean I will forever.  I have a place to keep information that is good, but not relevant now.

I separate videos out so they are more accessible   Also, I show videos to the students often and I sort that out quickly rather than sorting through videos and lesson ideas.

When you want something you view to go onto one of your boards:
click Pin it
Pick the board you want it on.

When I have a specific pin that will be used--or I need a picture of a sample, I copy the pin link and paste it into my lesson plan.  I click on the pin.

It brings up the original source.  I copy the url up in the top bar.  That is what I put into my lesson plan.
I then do not have to re-create the wheel in my lesson plans, but can create a link to the site and get the step by step directions and images.  I can then, use this for future years.

I always browse pinterest before creating a lesson.  I then take the top lessons from that area and put the links in my lesson plan.

I hope this pin helps you to use pinterest to plan your lessons, organize your lessons!

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