Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Technology Tuesday-iPhone and Google+

I just got my iPhone 2 weeks ago.  I have since discovered ways to use it in my classroom and personally!

The biggest thing I have used is the camera, photos, and Google +   Let me share!

I HIGHLY SUGGEST you get a Google+ account.

1. I first take a photo on my camera.
2. I then open my Google+ App

I then go to settings and make sure my instant upload is on.  I then click, upload all photos and videos.

I then go to blogger on my computer.  (I prefer to blog from my computer, I type faster).

I then go to the photo icon on top and select from your phone.  Presto!  Photos on my blog, with out having to plug in a cord!

Next, I download them to my computer as back up (and so I can delete from my phone to save memory). 

I go to google.com.  In the top left corner, you will see my name with the + in front:

I then click on my name, and my Google+ comes up.

I go down the left hand side and click on the camera to bring up photos.

When you mouse over the photos, a menu pops up.  

I click on instant upload.

When you are in instant upload on a computer,  you can select individual photos (the gray check marks wills turn blue) or select all (seen in blue on the top of this image).
Once photos are selected (I had selected all at this point) a menu shows up at the top. You can share, add to an album, or (my preference at this point) Download.  

To my mac, it saves it as a zip file on my downloads file.  In a PC, it saves them to a zip file.  In order to move them to the file you want (I chose the pre-created themed folders in "my photos")  you must open the zip file, extract photos (top left) and pick which file to send them to.
I am just getting into the many ways I can use my phone in an educational way (besides being able to check my email at all points of the day) and promise to keep you updated!

Happy Tuesday!
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