Friday, March 22, 2013

A little note and a little Easter/Spring

**A Little Note**
I have really been working on my blogging and wanting to get out there as a strong blogger.  I have been reading how tos to customize my blog so others would want to look at it, let alone read it, as well as other blogger tips.  I have been doing my best to follow all the many tips out there.  

One tip I read was to not use the blog as a list of other materials I got from other blogs.  Well, this is one area I am working on.  The reason I STARTED blogging in the first place was to help teachers like me who were planning for the very first time in an early childhood room and with particular themes.  This would include other blogs to visit and where to get some free stuff that works.  That, is the reason for my linking up.  I hope that that helps the teachers who need it and doesn't turn off those who don't.  All in all, I hope I can be a help to you in your classroom.  

Best wishes:

On that note, our theme this week was Easter/Spring.  We talked about what it means to be spring, what we see in the spring, and that even though it is spring, it doesn't feel like it, yet.  I can't go to much into Easter, teaching in the public school program.  I have a student whose family does not believe in "make believe" such as Santa, elves, tooth fairy, Easter bunny, leprechauns, etc.  so I also have to be careful about that.  We did bunnies because they come out in the spring to eat the green grass, and eggs because spring is the time for new life and baby birds, chickens, geese, and ducks come from eggs.

We continue to write in our  journals.  We are getting better and the concept of picture on the top, pencil words on the bottom and trying to sound out the initial sound.  They are getting better at "reading me" their writing as well.

Monday, students filled out information on what they see, hear, play, and like about spring.  They drew a picture and helped us spell it by telling us the initial sound we needed to write. The class book can be found at: All Students Can Shine

Students illustrated an egg book.  They read the color words by looking at the initial sound and comparing it to what they know and/or the color word posters on the wall.  They did really well with this. They are doing great with this concept.  I sent the books home and told students to read to their parents over break.  PLUS it counts for my parent/child hours we need to record (Wisconsin DPI has the 4K plan 72.5 hours of parent/child interaction).  

Students also  made an egg book with directional words.  The put the egg on some grass, over a carrot, in a basket, next to a bunny, and under a cloud.  They did great with these books as well!  We are emphasizing reading with "the reading finger" as they go along so they are getting the 1:1 correspondance in reading.

Both Books can be found at my blogger friends site: Fun in ECSE

Students worked on their shape names, concepts, and shape recognition.  They made garden rabbits completely from shapes.  They had oval bodies, circle heads, oval ears, oval feet, half circle pants, rectangle straps to their pants, a triangle nose, and circle eyes.  They turned out cute! They can be seen hanging in our hallways!  

Behind the Scenes: Mrs. Gloudemans' Room

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  1. Hi Mrs. Gloudemans!
    I'm so glad you stopped by to introduce yourself. I love meeting other teachers in Catholic schools. It looks like you have been very busy working on your blog. Try not to worry too much about the rules. You'll find your voice and your style (and disregard a few rules that may not apply to you) as your blog grows :)