Saturday, March 30, 2013

Five for Friday

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1.  It has been spring break for me this week!  Sad, it has only been in the low 40's --but that is actually 10-20 degree warmer than it has been lately.  I guess it is the closest thing we have gotten to spring so I will have to take it.....I turned off the heat and opened the windows during the day. (Insert: "You know you are from Wisconsin if.... joke here)

New shelves in the laundry
rom and all painted to match
the walls.
View of the stairs from the
laundry room
2. I used this spring break time to work on my house.  My landlords (my parents) are remodeling the house we rent.  They put walls in the basement, knocked out a wall by the stairs for "open concept" and put in built in shelving units.  I painted, painted, rearranged, organized, and painted some more over break.

3. I have an obsession with purchasing things for my classroom.  It gets worse when my colors are on Clearance. Bring on the pink, green, and purple containers!

They fit perfectly on the new shelf I made.  This baby is going in the classroom today!

Header from LeeLou Designs
4. I have been reading, and reading, and reading on how to personalize, organize, and market my blog.
I have made a facebook page (and linked the two), created a favicon, created social media buttons, re-did the layout, made a scroll to top button, and learned how to customize each image used on each of those sites!  I'm Loving it!

5. Pudge, our dog, has a thing for wet, soggy, gross grass. I don't know why the snow melting and the ooze of mud is appealing to our dog that will jump over any sign of water during the summer, but he has to run through every single puddle and across the grass instead of the sidewalk.  Sigh, 3 baths this week what is another?

From my house to yours, Happy Easter!  God Bless.

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