Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Clutter Free Classroom #9

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Challenge #9: Organizing Math Materials.

Being a play based classroom, I put out a variety of math (and science) materials in the "discovery area" for students to use and discover with.  I have the shelf labeled and I change out some of the activities as the year progresses as well as along with some of the seasons.   I have the bins labeled with the materials name and picture for students to clean up.

Even putting the toys away becomes part of the learning as they are working on the concept of sorting and putting things away.  There are many days when I walk up to the table and every bin is dumped out.  It takes time to clean, but they do sort it out, eventually....
Labeled bins for each center.  The bins have images and words to help build literacy as well as put things away.  
I keep the seasonal items and extras in labeled bins in the closet.  I add the activity ideas to the centers once students master using the center correctly.  I also add things like tangram pictures to make, additions sheets (__+___= ____) for them to use in the unifix cubes, etc.  

In the fall I had pumpkins and acorns in the center.  we have milk jug tops left over from our igloo, bu they use for counting and sorting still, and I plan on putting seeds and similar items in in the spring.

Since I just moved into this room this year, I don't have a bunch to purge yet.  I did purge a lot over the summer when I first got the room so I am working with what I have.  It is pretty sufficient for the needs right now.

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