Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Technology Tuesday

We talk of integrating technology into our daily teaching.  Not just using technology to use it, but to integrate it into the learning and to make the technology part of what they are learning.  Technology is to keep the students involved as it becomes more and more a part of their digital lives, but also to make learning more fun; to connect to them on a level they enjoy and understand.

Our principal brought up Digital Portfolios, after attending her most recent principals meeting.  It would integrate the technology, allow students to express their learning in ways the enjoy and feel confident AND it is a space saver for us teachers.

My last "Technology Tuesday" I showed an app: ScreenChomp, and showed how I would use that to do an assessment with my students.  I could use this digital assessment to combine with their online portfolio and have a paperless record of each of my students.  I fell this could be done at all grade levels.

Consider it! We are in a new age with students learning in a whole new way, let us learn to teach the way they have learned to learn!


  1. I like your technology Tuesdays! Keep them coming I need them. Looking for ways to use it in the classroom beyond just the computer.

    1. Thank you! I will do my best! Is there anything specific you woud be interested in?