Friday, March 8, 2013

Clutter Free Classroom #7

 If you have not started yet, please check out the Clutter Free Classroom Blog (by clicking image above).  

This weeks job: Manage incoming paperwork. 

As she mentions in her blog: The paperwork just. keeps. coming.

I communicate with parents via email, my website, and my blog.  When parents do write notes, they write them in the student's folders.  As a school supply, we have parents bring folders with the metal tabs in the middle. We then whole punch some paper and put it in between.  This way, we can keep a running journal, parents always have the paper, and they can check back daily.

When I go to staff meetings for the school district, I bring my teacher binder with me.  In it, I have a three whole punch. I punch the information I need and put it in the correct tab.  I recycle what I dont need right away.

Weekly newsletters to parents and to staff comes to us via email.  I do not print unless I have to, and if I have to I immediately punch it and put it in the binder.

When I have extras that can be saved for next year, I put it in it's theme folder in my file cabinet.  I only have one drawer of this.  It is not an abundant area, but when I spend time cutting and laminating, I save it for next year in this drawer.  I keep as much digital as I can.  I have MANY files digital sorted in the same manner as these for next year printables.

I have the stacking drawers that have a shelf for scholastic (a big paper source), my sub binder, an extra's pile for those early finishers, and a file shelf (for if I dont have time to put the items in their files in the cabinet. 

When students finish their work, the put it in "the high five basket"  The high five basket is a paper catcher I got from the dollar spot at target that has hand prints on it.  Somehow, it got a name as high five basket and it stuck.

If they need do do more work on the item, the put it in the blue basket.

Anyway, I take the work from the basket and put it where it goes next: Alphabet books, home, or grade.  If it needs to be hung on the wall, I post-it note the pile and put it in the aide's baseket.

If RSVPs come for our many school sponsored events, these go in the RSVP drawer to tally later.  They are recycled after the event has finished.

If I need to make copies, it goes in the copy drawer. The drawers are removable, so I can take the whole drawer with me when I go to make my copies.

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