Friday, March 8, 2013

Dental Awareness

We set up an experiment with eggs representing teeth.  We put them in water, milk, and soda. We observed what the teeth looked like before and predicted what we thought would happen. We wrote down our answers as a class.  We then checked them again at the end of the week and discussed what we saw and what it meant for our teeth and what is healthy to drink.  Students helped me write down the answers.

The sub helped collect their observations afterwards and they brushed the tooth with real toothbrush and toothpaste to show our teeth can be clean and sometimes having sweets is ok, but brushing is important.

Students had the opportunity to floss the play dough out of the teeth!  Play dough was stuffed in between the pieces of a large lego.  They used yarn to floss it out.  Great practice on flossing and the purpose of flossing!

We had a dentist visit as well. Afternoon students and students that stay for extended day were able to hear some dental awareness information and learn about healthy teeth!

paper and marshmallow mouths
  Making paper and marshmallow mouth
Students made marshmallow paper mouths, apple mouths, and more this week.  they counted their 20 teeth and worked our fine motor skills putting them on.  We worked with matching a toothbrush to the teeth, and did some teeth math with some unifix cubes (white) as manipulative to help with the math problems. 

Apple, peanut butter. marshmallow
making apple mouths

It was a crazy week with my being gone two days, but things looked great when I came back.
Using unifix  cube manipulatives
to do tooth manipulatives
tooth addition with white unifix cubes

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