Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Technology Tuesday

I love technology.  I love using it, teaching with it, and learning about it!  I have decided to TRY to put some sort of technology up on Tuesdays that I have found.  It may be apps, lesson plan ideas, articles, etc.  As I mentioned, I will TRY to do this every Tuesday.

This week:

Click on the image to go to the app store.

I, for now, plan on using this app for 2 reasons.

1) To allow students to get practice at home and parents to practice with their child.  A sample of this will be our letter of the week.  Here is the video for this letter of the week (Xx).

2) To help me assess the students.  I can take a photo of the assessment sheet, record the students voices working through the assessment. This way, I can go back to the results at a later time and possibly see the problem.  Maybe I could teach them to do it so they think they are doing a game but are being assessed....this is still in the works but here is my pretending to sample.

To embed the video on my blog (and you would have to do if you were going to embed) is not to tough, but still somewhat of a pain.  (Original Source)

1. Save screenchomp as the name of the file (student, letter, etc)
2. share by email with yourself
4. click on the link on a computer
5. scroll down to the bottom.
6. download MP4 file
7. put the video in with the movie button and choose the file name you saved it as.  


  1. On the letter assessment are you using an ipad? I love how you are recording and hearing the child at the same time!

  2. Yes, I made it on an iPad. I record it on my personal iPad (I dont have one at school), email it to myself and then open the document on my school computer, download, and upload as a video to my blog (here) and my weekly newsletter I do via blogger for my parents.